Monday, March 14, 2011

Today's makeup look

For this look, I was inspired by the old pin ups of the 40s and 50s.  Ruby red lips, lots of black eyeliner, and big lashes.
Many women seem nervous about wearing a bright red lip, but the trick is to know which shade suits your skin tone.  If you're pale like me, you need a red with blue undertones.  If you have darker or olive-colored skin, go with a red with an orange undertone.  The other key is to make sure your eyes are pretty natural looking.  Just throw on some black eyeliner and mascara when you're wearing red lipstick so that all the makeup doesn't overwhelm your face.
Products used: Lancome color design eyeshadow in Mochaccino
N.Y.C. liquid eyeliner in Pearlized Black
e.l.f. dramatic black lashes
Kiss 24-hour strip eyelash adhesive
Wet n' Wild lipstick in 514A


  1. Wow look how classy you look in those photos! It looks as though you’re going to a photo shoot on the beach for a modeling competition. And those super ruby red lips, I just want to give them a ginormous kiss and never stop until all the lipstick is on me :* LOL. I really have to say that I appreciate the ruby colored lipstick tip, I’ve had so much trouble matching the colors to my olive tone and now I know. You’re the best. J/K, LOL.

  2. Haha you're so funny! You know pink looks better with your skin tone. Lol


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