Friday, March 11, 2011

Random makeup looks 4 u

Pretty mauves

I said this blog would be a fair bit about makeup and beauty but have barely touched on it yet.  Although these pics are a little older (so I don't remember all the products I used), for another website, they can give you some ideas for possible makeup looks/color choices.
Going forward, I will try to post a new makeup look almost every day and list the products I used.  You won't find any MAC or Dior here (totally out of my price range!), so I think all my looks are pretty affordable too.

Bronzy brown

Silver and blue

Gold and purple
Bet you didn't know I'm also a pirate. On the weekends.


  1. ok so i LOVE the bronzy brown!!!! im totally coming over with ryan soon so u can show me how u do that color! lol. U look beautiful in these pictures!


  2. Thanks hun! And I would love to. It would be really fun :)

  3. Now where in the world did you find that bird? LOL Your make up does look very nice. I'm happy if I can get my eyebrows the same shape and length.

  4. That's my buddy Sam. He's the perfect pirate's companion. Your eyebrows look great now that you know the secret ;)


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