Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Shiro - Amazing makeup for video game nerds like me (and you. Don't lie)!

I love shopping for indie makeup on Etsy.  There's some really talented people on there making really nice products.
But today while browsing Lipsticks and Lightsabers, I hear about this makeup brand Shiro whose tagline is "Makeup and geekery."  Hey, I'm a geek who loves makeup... sounds like a match made in heaven!
This pic is from Shiro's two video game-related eyeshadow collections: The Super Effective Collection (inspired by Pokemon) and the Legends Collection (inspired by The Legend of Zelda games! Looove).  Makeup for gamer girls!! Joy!
And just look at the incredible little jars they come in!!  One looks like a Pokeball and the other has the Triforce on it, lookin all sassy and awesome.  I would even keep the lil containers after the eye shadow's gone cuz they're so cool.  The shades are so colorful and imaginative, and from what I hear, they're also very pigmented and great quality as well.  You can bet I'm gonna be saving up my rupees to get some of these beautiful, vegan shadows!  Get your own here.


  1. Shiro's website is being updated so I couldn't see their makeup. Before long, you are going to have to rent a hanger to house your makeup, lol.

  2. Haha, no that's you missy! And yeah, their site is still under construction but you can view their products through Etsy. The link is at the top of my post and on their webpage.


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