Thursday, April 21, 2011

Today's Makeup Look - Green & Gold

Ever find an old eyeshadow or lipstick you totally forgot you owned and wonder why you don't ever use it?  That's exactly what happened here.  I found this gorgeous, shimmery, deep green loose eyeshadow that I got forever ago and wanted to use it.  I don't even know the brand or name of the color unfortunately, but you could use any deep, metallic-y green for this look.  Brush that over the lid and a little into the crease, then finish with a light gold to blend out the upper edges and a brighter, deeper gold in the inner corner to make the eyes pop.  A light pink or peachy blush and gold-toned lipgloss finish off the look.
I'm not going to include a "products used" section since I don't know the brands or names of the eyeshadows used.  You can use any deep greens and golds you have.  Also the lipgloss I'm wearing is homemade, so that won't help you either, but it's a light, peachy shade with gold undertones.  Sorry to be difficult ;P lol


  1. makes your eyes look even greener

  2. so pretty, I love sparkely eyeshadow

  3. Thanks for your compliments! I love sparkley eyeshadow too :)


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