Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Hauntingly Beautiful Instrumental "Over the Sky" by Tanaki Alison

I found music so beautiful, I had to share it with you!  While watching makeup videos on the lovely Pyonghwaa's Youtube Channel, I was struck by this song in one of her tutorials.  Thankfully, she listed the composer, and I was able to find even more wonderful music by TanakiAlison.

His stuff is so imaginative and uplifting, much of it sounding like it would be perfectly at home in a Studio Ghibli movie! I can't believe he just started writing music late last year!

Says Tanaki, "Music is not just a source of entrainment, it is sacred sounds that bring life to different places, produce different emotions, bring you to different cultures, and it is the only language that everybody understands. I will use any sound it takes to make that come alive."

The best part is, all his songs are so far free to download here at Sound Cloud, so you can make yourself a lovely, relaxing cd like I just did!  His Youtube Channel is here.


  1. Sounds like a nice good slow song (as far as instrumentals go. Be nice to just slow dance to.

  2. Although there are some upbeat parts you would have to pick up the dancing some and do some fancy moves. Like just move a little faster in my case.

  3. Lol ok. I didn't picture dancing when I heard this song, but I'm sure it appeals to everyone in a different way. It makes me feel pensive and relaxed.

  4. so pretty song! I love studio ghibli musics, and that was really like them. I will deffinetely check out more songs from this artist.


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