Saturday, October 8, 2011

Swarovski's New Hello Kitty Collection

Sorry about the lack of posts lately.  I got a lot going on at home and with work and school, so I've just been honestly too exhausted and distracted to even get online lately.  I promise I'll try to be better though!
Now, look at these beautiful Hello Kitty sparklies I spied at the Swarovski store in Akron.  Sorry for the blurry camera-phone pics.  I hope to get a new camera soon.

This was my fave. 3D crystal HK head!

These earrings were completely covered in
crystals and sooo pretty!

As you may recall, back in July (man has it been that long??), I blogged about Swarovski's House of Hello Kitty Event in Japan.  Now Swarovski's bringing some of their gorgeous HK baubles stateside so you can check them out at your nearest Swarovski store, or click here to shop the full collection!


  1. Wow so pretty! After you last post about the hello kitty/swarovski show in japan, I was wondering when we'd be able to buy some of that stuff.
    I like those crystal figurines the best!

  2. For real, those crystal figures would look amazing in my HK collection, but I'm always drawn to the bling lol ;)

  3. I'm glad we were together that day to share such a fun day and memory!!! I still remember exactly how beautiful you looked for a night out on the town(yeah baby, yeah). P.F. Changs was delicous. LOL


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