Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Kawaii Hair Color Ideas from Japan

Here are a few Japanese magazine scans I wanted to share because of the awesome hairstyle/color ideas they've given me.  Enjoy :)
This one shows you how to apply uber-trendy
colored extensions to your hair. So pretty!

Here's a cool take on the two-toned hair look.
Check out the small pics at the bottom - I love
the big blonde chunk on the side of her hair!

More cute hairstyles. Again loving the blonde chunk of
hair you can see in the small pics at the bottom.
Pretty makeup too!

This kawaii girl has the most unique haircolor I've seen in awhile!
Pinkish-purplish-greyish? Really cool!
After looking at all these pics, I'm really wanting to dye my hair two-toned or just get a big blonde streak on the side of my hair.  Leave it up to Japan to come up with the coolest beauty ideas! :)


  1. Awesome! I love Japanese mag scans. Thanks for sharing =D

  2. No problem Ico! I love them too!

  3. 2 Live Crew, N'ough said.


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