Friday, July 29, 2011

Beauty Review: Artistry Essentials Balancing Skin Care System

I'm embarrassed to say that, with as much effort as I put into my makeup routine, I have long neglected basic skin care.  My skin care regimen consists of cleaning my face in the morning and at night with Pond's cleansing towelettes.  That's it.
So when my friend Crystal introduced me to Artistry Essentials skin care products and told me how great they were, I was intrigued and agreed to put her products to the test.
 Because I have combination skin (oily around the t-zone, and dry everywhere else), she recommended Artistry's Balancing skin care line.  The 3-step system includes the Balancing Cleanser, Balancing Toner, and Balancing Lotion.
First you clean your face with the Balancing Cleanser.  Once it's rinsed off and your face is patted dry, you sweep the Balancing Toner all over your face to remove any remaining cleanser and makeup.  Finally, once that's dried, you apply the Balancing Lotion.
Left: Balancing Lotion
Right: Balancing Cleanser
 I agreed to use the products as directed for a few weeks and see if I had any positive results.  My first impression of the Balancing Cleanser wasn't great because it is a fairly thick gel that is supposed to be applied directly to your dry skin and worked into a lather.  I had a hard time getting it to lather on my dry skin and felt like I had to use a ton of it to cover my face.
Luckily, Crystal being the great Artistry representative that she is, contacted her director with my concern and came back with the suggestion to wet my face a little first and then work in the gel.  Once I tried this, it worked like a charm and I was very satisfied with application.
According to their website, Balancing Cleanser contains oat extract, Indian fig, burnet root, witch hazel, and Hypo Lipid Matrix - unique, exotic ingredients that combine to exfoliate, refine, smooth, maintain moisture, and control shine.  Over time, it claims to also reveal more even and younger looking skin.
The Balancing Toner feels so refreshing on my skin and smells great.  The lotion is smooth and cool, and blends easily into the skin, leaving it soft and supple.  All three of the products smell organic and fresh, no chemical odor whatsoever.
Aaahh! Me with no makeup!  Don't expect to ever see this
horror again :P
After using the Artistry Essential Balancing skin care line for the past few weeks, I have to say I am impressed.  My skin is much softer and smoother.  Much of the redness has disappeared, and I seem to have fewer random breakouts.
This is something I can definitely recommend and approve.  Try it for a few weeks and see if you don't see the difference!

For more information, or to place your order for the Artistry Skin Care system, please contact Crystal Breitenbach at   She is very friendly and knowledgeable and will help you find the best products for your skin care needs.

Disclaimer:  These products were given to me for the purpose of review.  I am in no way affiliated with Artistry and offer only my honest impressions of these products.


  1. Those product seems to be really good! I wonder if I can buy it in my country.
    Now I'm thinking about trying vichy products

  2. Artistry products are available in North & South America, Europe, SE Asia, Australia, and South Africa, according to their website. So if you live in any of these places, you can get them!
    I'm not familiar with Vichy products. I'll have to look that up.

  3. @ Mamta and Mima, I am not sure how it works for ordering over seas. It would be a pleasure to find out for you though. Feel free to e-mail me with more questions if you have any!


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