Sunday, November 6, 2011

My 200th Post! TRK - Cats Can Sleep Anywhere

Wow, 200 posts since I started this blog and it's only been like 8 months!  Hard to believe how time flies.
I've really enjoyed having this blog and sharing with the world some of my favorite things.  Here's to many more years of TokyoChel! :D
"What a great view from up...zzzzzz..."

"Man I really gotta go....zzzz..."
If you have cats, or know people who have cats, you probably know that they can get comfy and sleep literally anywhere.  Above are a couple funny examples of the unusual sleeping habits of these crazy kitties.


  1. Congrats to post 200!!!!!! ^^)/
    I love the litter box kitty, that one's crazy XD

  2. Check out Evil Katnieval @ the top!!! Crazeee!!ness

  3. i have crazy cats like this sleep any where


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