Friday, September 2, 2011

Baby's Got Blue Eyes & Brief Life Update

This is just a quick look I did featuring the blue contacts I got as a sample months back when I had my last eye exam.  They're plano (non-prescription) so I can't really wear them out and about unfortunately or I'd be blind, but they're so pretty! 
Heavy black eyeliner really brings out the blue and I did a fun pink/red lip and pink cheeks to round out the look.  After seeing how these pics turned out, I really want to get some blue prescription circle lenses!  It looks so different and dramatic, but I really like it.

Also, in life news, I started back to school this week.  I'm taking College Writing II and Japanese I.  Obvy I was TOO excited to get the last available slot in the Japanese class!  I've been trying to learn for years now and am really enjoying the class so far.  I feel like with the instructor feedback and opportunity to speak Japanese several times a week, I'll finally learn it! Wish me luck :)

My car broke down a couple weeks ago and I'm on the market for new (or new to me) wheels.  Thanks to everyone who's been driving me around or letting me borrow their car!  Totally can't wait to have my own ride again though.

It's a three-day weekend, so everyone have a good one!  I've got a couple cosmetic reviews coming up, so stay tuned!


  1. Seriously?? If ur looking to get into a new(er) car, u know who would be more than happy to help u. Just let me know ur maximum budget u can spend and what kind of car ur looking for. Love ya and miss ya tons. :D

  2. Well awesome, thanks! I'll fb you then. Love you and miss you tons too! :)
    And thanks for the comment;)

  3. Blue eyes look nice on you with your blond hair. I like it! Good luck in school too.

  4. You look pretty :) I think it's so cool that you're taking Japanese. But what's the other course about?

  5. Thanks Helene! The other course is called College Writing and it's required to finish my degree, but it is actually pretty interesting. We're talking about technology and how the internet has caused a huge generation gap between the young and the older. I don't like having to do a lot of writing, but at least the material's interesting!


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